Creating a Character

The year is 2112, decades after the Nano Revolution & the Corporate Civil War. Gone are artificial boarders of once great nations, now replaced with the artificial boarders of commerce, free economy, and large scale geo-corporate mergers.

Millions of sub-corporations belong to only a few dozen mega umbrella corporations calling themselves Corporate Empires. Most of the world’s populace work for these sub-corporations a few privileged work directly for the umbrella corporations that own them.

CEO Art Kalister of Majestic Corp (the most influential of the Corporate Empires) formed the Assembly of Corporate Empires almost a decade ago hoping to end undeclared Corporate Wars, skirmishes, and incidents as Corporate Empires struggle for power, influence, and market share. Those that would not join, the Majestic Corp would buy out.

At last Art Kalister had brokered a deal that would bring the final remaining hold out Empires into the ACE.

You are a War Ambassador an officer & representative of your native Corporate Empire chosen for your importance as an officer of the corporation and more importantly your adversarial skill be it hacking, fighting, outsmarting, or charming your way to victory in case a trial-by-challenge is invoked at an assembly.

As you create your War Ambassador, consider the following:

  • What Corporate Empire do you represent?
    • What is it called?
    • Does it have roots to an ancient real world city? Or was it part of a new global city?
    • How did your Corporate Empire form?
      • Was it a union of sub-corps that banded together?
      • Was it an affluent corporation that rose its way to the top doing what it was good at and using its wealth to acquire lands and corporations around it?
    • What kind of officer are you in the company? Chief Technological Officer? Chief Financial Officer? CEO? Chief Creative Officer? Chief Security Officer? Chief Research Officer?
    • Were you a citizen of a sub-corporation before becoming a direct citizen of the Umbrella Corporation or were you one of the few who was born into the parent corporation?
    • What is the central culture like in the umbrella corporation and if you had roots in a sub-corporation, did the culture there differ?
    • How do you feel about this great showman and idealist Art Kalister? Is he really all he claims to be? Is he too good to be true? Is he delusional? Do you look up to him? (I tend to think if your character is also an idealist you would like him and believe him genuine, where as if your character is a pessimist you would think he’s a phony)
    • How long ago did your Corporate Empire (CE) join the ACE? Did they join willingly or were they bought out?
  • Why did your CE choose you to represent the CE at the ACE?
    • Are you a CEO one-man show? CCO of a creative company? CTO of a tech company?
  • What qualifies you to defend or champion a cause in trial-by-challenge?
    • Can you beat your opponent with pure combat skill? Charm your way into getting them to agree to your terms? Hack away their offense/defense? Out wit them?
  • Do you have any relationships from meeting other War Ambassadors (WAMs) in past assemblies or from past corporate dealings?
  • What is your source of power?
  • What is your claim to fame?

Creating a Character

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