The Story

The Story

ATG will be broken down into Episodes & Seasons starting with a prequel two-part miniseries.


In an alternate history of Earth, a line of benevolent Kings & Queens survive into the age of corporations as the CEOs of a multinational megacorporation. During an era sometime before the game starts, these corporations, lead by Regency Corporation declare soveriegnty in a mostly bloodless revolution. In a proceeding golden age, Regency Corporation has converted from being the World Bank into the pre-eminent parent corporation buying out and merging sovereign corporate empires under their umbrella organization.

Executor of Regency Umbrella Corporation’s Assembly of Corporate Empires (ACE), Arthur Kalistar, has finally united the last of the hold-out Corporate Empires whom had previously resisted joining (ACE). The Mini-Series begins in the events leading up to the first full assembly of all the world’s Corporate Empires, at last, all under one umbrella.

The Mini-Series

Part 1 – Order and Chaos (TBA)
Part 2 – Exodus (TBA)

Season 1 – Lost

E01 – Brave New World (Pilot) (TBA)

The Story

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